Music as a subject is a broad media that contains within itself a reach world of styles and cultural references. Few months ago we’ve started a branding process for a talented trumpet musician and a man of education, Mr. Gregory Rivkin.

In the creative process we tried to define what is it that makes this project unique and distinguished. After a few sessions of brainstorming we were able to break down the main fields we’re working on: Trumpet performance, Jazz, Education, Art, Classic style and aestheticism. We’ve established the tagline to the logotype: Gregory Rivkin Trumpet – Art beyond categories.

The whole structure and a meaning of it is very complex, yet stays plain simple and clear – we’re dealing with everything. While trumpet is the main instrument of Mr. Rivkin – art is the broad field that he operates. It is Art to be an excellent musician, it’s art to become a talented composer, arranger, producer and it is certainly an art form to become a good teacher.

This scheme that is the full logotype is clean, simple, bold and classic – that was the planning becoming reality. After establishing the design guidelines that were driven from this creative process we’ve started planning the website. It had to be a functional organ for this living body. The site remains clean and elegant, minimal and functional. Bold typography and gray-scale colors that supports the logo.

Although this project remains open and will constantly be updated, the language and guidelines have been set and will serve the continuance of this very neat and planned process. It is always a great pleasure to plan and execute a well planned project.