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Same same, but different

2020-01-13T19:18:44+02:00Tags: , , , , |

How abstract and complicated does the design world seem to you? How unique or special branding should be? - Those are two of the questions designers ask themselves each day while working on various projects. Approaching to the end of the second decade of the 21th century, one must ask himself: “Why and [...]

How can Design and Art coexist?

2020-01-13T19:13:18+02:00Tags: , |

D&A Synergy is a massive topic to talk about, so we’ll try to keep it basic - yet to mention the important stuff First of all, what is Art? Try to ask yourself this while you think of the song “what is love” from the “marry” 90’s. ( - They both rhyme. Like in [...]

May 2017

What’s your story?

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This is our head start for sharing our ideas and thoughts Those were David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Polly Samson who in my humble opinion commemorated an inspirational and epic commercial/speech from 1993 through the song “Keep Talking” from Pink Floyd’s album “The Division Bell” (1994) featuring samples of Stephen Hawking’s recognizable unique [...]